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Major business units are:

1)     Wood application, furniture and Interior Design

  • Interior design, production and montage of all interior design products in which wood exist (home, office, hospital, hotel, school…).
  • Furnishing solutions in outdoor locations such as park, garden, playing ground, sport fields…

–        They are looking a business partner who will buy wood products from them or make them work in important projects in your country. More information at www.tmcyapi.com

2)     Agriculture and Vinegar Products
·        Production and marketing of %100 fruit based natural vinegar range. (apple, grape, honey, apple honey, cherry, melon, haw)
·        Production and marketing of vinegar based natural cleaning products, with the concept of ecological hygiene.
·        Agricultural production of fruits.
–        They are looking a wholesaler and distributer for our vinegar products

3)     Water Treatment and Recycling 
·        Domestic and industrial waste water treatment and recycling implementations.
·        Treatment and recycling implementations of rainwater, surface and ground water.
·        Building of facilities, management and consultancy services.
–        They are looking a business partner with whom they will cooperate and give offers to residences, hotels hospitals, ports, municipalities, local administrations… More information at www.enteg.net 

4)     Oil and Gas Services 
·        Developing application projects; all phases of oil and gas pipelines; design and construction of refinery and other industrial facilities.
·        Construction, facility management, technical care, vital services and supply of field products.
–        They are looking a business partner with whom they will cooperate in oil and gas fields

5)     Construction
·        Realizing projects of infrastructure, transportation, buildings, social and industrial facility; national and international contracting.
·        Project development businesses in housing, hotel, school, hospital, airport etc.
–        They are looking a business partner who will help them to work in important construction projects as contractor.