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KIVILCIM Metal Industry and Trade Co.

KIVILCIM – Conveyor belt fasteners

KIVILCIM is established as the first Turkish manufacturer at its sector in 1949, and since then leading conveyor belt fasteners sector in Turkey.

Our brand, besides over 500 respected customers in Turkey and with export over 25 countries, is on the way of being a world brand of its sector. With the proud of this success, with responsibility, our company is going on manufacturing with latest technology at our modern factory always putting quality and trust at the first place. Thanks to our research and development investments to meet customer needs our product range is expanding gradually. SELFLEX is the registered trade mark of KIVILCIM.

Our product range includes belt fasteners such as hinged fasteners, hinged and stapled fasteners, wire hooks, plate fasteners and belt lacings; elevator metal and plastic buckets, elevator bucket fasteners, elevator bucket oval belt fasteners; screen hooks and bolts; steel toe caps for safety shoes and steel shanks.