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Biçer Proje İnşaat Dek. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. – FELTBI

Bicer Project Building & Trade Limited Company is continuing its activities for years in the construction sector in order to use the materials that can sustain the environmental awareness, recyclable and insulation required during the life of the building in the insulation sector. As a member of many associations in this sector also work in the scientific institutions of the insulation sector. After the researches we made in the insulation sector, the most natural, non carcinogenic, breathable , B1 Fire behaviour, heat & sound insulation values are at the ideal level and especially oriented towards Turkish products.
With the slogan “New term in Insulation” we are proud to prove our differences from the other type of insulations.

These usage areas of our products are as mentioned below.
* Under parquet sound &heat insulation
* Under slab floor sound & heat insulation
* Sloped roofs heat insulation
* Concrete curing blankets
* Inner wall & ceiling sound insulation
* Terrace heat insulation
* Sound &Heat insulation for steel buildings
* Heat & Sound insulation for places of worships
* Heat insulation for carpark roofs
* Animal shelters heat insulation
* Noise barriers for roads
* Chiller Towers
* Generator Cabins
* Sound & heat insulation for pipes
* Under paneling heat insulation
* Metal buildings insulation
* Suspended ceilings
* Mesh ceiling sound & heat insulation
* Under carpet
* Insulated tents
* Between 2 wall sections
* Ventilation duct heat & sound insulation
* izoBOZZ in the underfloor heating system.
* High heat & sound insulation
* Tank insulation
* Greenhouse heat insulation
* Elevator cabin sound insulation
* Chicken farms heat insulation
* Exterior Wall thermal & sound insulation