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Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.Ş., founded in 1988, in the early years of its entrance into the sector, has developed high quality products at  concrete mixture, ready-mixed mortar and water isolation material fields needed by construction materials market. High demand, that arisen due to its effective sales and marketing systems, has enabled the company to grow rapidly. Betek has embarked on search for new markets with experience and power it gained regarding construction materials and added construction paint to its product range.

By using the latest production technologies, with products that direct consumer demands, that make a breakthrough, Betek has earned the identity “leading and innovative brand that makes quality production”, and in a split second -and in a manner that is exemplary in the industry- has became the strongest company of the Turkey's paint industry. By 2001, it has risen to market leadership in paint industry. Betek, by believing the importance of brand investment on its way to leader position in the sector has made sustainable investments in this regard, has created Filli Boya and Fawori brands which won the hearts of the Turkish consumers.  With more than a thousand employees, nearly 3,000 point of sales, Betek has left its mark on the sector, and has risen to a significant position not only in paint sector but amongst the most significant industrial organization in Turkey.

The year 2003 have a cornerstone value in the development process of Betek Boya Kimya ve Sanayi A.Ş. On this date, Betek has initiated its activities in the field of heat insulation and has undertaken leadership duty in this sector by its activities in “insulation” sector which it sees as a social responsibility project for the sake of the future. Betek AŞ, with Gebze Factory which is the first integrated plant of Turkey where it conducts the production of all main components of paint  and heat insulation systems, have attained the leading organization position of Turkey in the insulation sector just as it is in paint sector.

Betek, which enhances its power each year with its growth rate it achieves over its competitors and sector, in November 2007 has initiated the opening of RMI Scientific Research Center which has great services to its development on paint and heat insulation and to the sector. Finally, with its annual production of 150,000 tonnes dry mortar and 400,000 m3 EPS materials in its facility which has been founded on an area of 100,000 m2 in Kayseri; has started to produce all the main components of heat insulation systems.

Betek, which took showing the domestic success it has achieved in foreign markets as its mission, with the manufacturing facility with 26,000 tonnes of paint production capacity founded on an area of 11,000 m2 in Egypt and with its exports to tens of countries, is also in the leading position in exports.

Betek, which has became a strong brand by the cooperation of labor with science and technology through always placing importance on research and development, has never forgotten the nature which has given inspiration to it in all the activities it has conducted. It has always paid attention to using the limited energy resources of our world and country most efficiently. Has executed a large number of projects in order to instill this idea to sector employees and public opinion. Has made great contributions to environment and national economics through its resource consumption, waste management, recovery and recycling practices. Has managed to stay eco-friendly with both its products and production facilities.