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Destek Lift

DESTEK LIFT, Turkey's well known manufacturer of Gas Springs, Dampers and Hydraulic Lifts. Company, established in 1987, produces gas springs for all applications, where gas springs are used. The range of their product line, good quality and competitive prices have made them one of the biggest gas spring manufacturers and exporters in Turkey and the Middle East.
The name DESTEK comes from the Turkish word “destek” and means “support”. It means not only “supporting” lids, covers and other weights with their gas springs. Their challenge is to “support” customers and to make them competitive in their markets by solving their problems. For many years now, they are not only a supplier of gas springs. They are proud of becoming a business partner of their customers.
Based on years of experience in production of gas springs and thanks to their high technology equipment, they are supplying products to below mentioned sectors: Automobile, Furniture, Machinery, Transportation, Office Furniture and Office Equipments.
World wide well-known companies, both OE Manufacturers as well as Aftermarket companies, rely on their experience. DESTEK currently exports to more than 60 countries in 5 continents such as Europe (Germany, Belgium, Greece, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Denmark, etc.), USA, Far East (Singapore, South Korea, Hong-Kong, Malaysia, etc), Middle East (Iran, United Arab Emirates, etc.) and Africa (Egypt, Tunisia, etc.) countries.
Due to a constant production and a stock of components, they are able to fulfil our customers’ requirements within shortest time. Their design engineers, supplied with the latest computer aided design (CAD) systems, are working closely with customers to design a gas spring that meets their specific needs. In addition to this, they have the capability of producing identical gas springs that you are already using. Therefore they need only a technical drawing or a sample.
Through their Total Quality Management mentality they have been certified by RWTÜV in accordance with ISO 9002 quality certificate in order to manage educated workforces and high-tech equipment to manufacture gas springs for the highest customer satisfaction.
THeir gas springs are continuously tested to ensure reliability, long life and over all, product safety for highest satisfaction. Tests of mechanical strength, damping and speed control, thermal, salt spray, cycling and actual applications are made by their in-house test equipment and by official registered laboratories.

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